Evaluate Elevator Ride Quality with Digiducer

Validate Elevator Component Health On-Site

digi elevator ride applicationWhat if a simple test could prevent a serious elevator malfunction before it happens?

Often when regular elevator inspection occurs, technicians monitor ride quality with crude tools such as a subjective ride quality check and simple phone vibration measurements. These measures do not provide the detailed data necessary to identify the source of vibration issues uncovered. There is a need for better information about the condition of elevators during these maintenance checks to ensure safety and allow for quick and simple identification of preventive maintenance needs.

A large elevator manufacturer and service provider has created a customized mobile app used in conjunction with the compact, portable, and rugged piezoelectric USB accelerometer, Digiducer®. With this combination as a key component of the technician’s maintenance toolbox, an elevator ride quality check is followed up by collecting vibration data directly from elevator components on-site. Data is shared to the cloud and automatically compared with baseline vibration spectra to identify sources of noise and vibration and future failure points. The resulting diagnostic report informs onsite technicians of potential root cause and possible fixes.

A small, portable device, the Digiducer USB Digital Accelerometer together with an app, provides the data needed to validate elevator component health and troubleshoot issues in real time. Elevator manufacturers are able to offer more efficient service with predictive maintenance that results in fewer emergency service calls and less downtime. Technicians can identify potential problems of wear and tear before they become a safety hazard, simplifying the diagnostic process and reducing repair time.