Digiducer® Digital Vibration Meter Kit

Simplify Predictive Maintenance | Model K333D01-VM

Harness the power of your smartphone to make simple, accurate and reliable vibration level measurements on critical machinery using the Digital Vibration Meter Kit Model K333D01-VM. Plug the industry exclusive Digiducer® USB Digital Accelerometer into your smartphone for the same advantages that reliability professionals have come to expect with piezoelectric accelerometers. The USB Digital Accelerometer’s wide range and accuracy captures machinery vibration events from imbalance to misalignment to bearing faults, gear mesh, and pump cavitation. With a hermetically sealed, stainless steel housing, the Digiducer is built to survive in tough environments.

  • Turns your smartphone into a portable vibration meter
  • Turn-key kit includes mounting hardware and connections
  • Pre-programmed ISO vibration severity scales provide instant exceedance feedback
  • Cost effective, ideal for beginners or for enhancing broader vibration programs
  • In-app purchases expanded functionality
  • No prior training or experience needed
  • Averaging and uploaded calibration values ensure quality data
  • PDF report generation with images of critical assets

The VibeCheck smartphone application supplied with the Digital Vibration Meter Kit comes with preset ISO vibration severity scales and alerts the user when vibration readings exceed acceptable thresholds. The application also creates PDF reports with images and isolates high frequency metal-to-metal impacts for easy identification. In-app purchases unlock advanced monitoring capabilities. VibeCheck ensures quality vibration data by automatically uploading the Digital USB Accelerometer’s calibration value when connected.

Mounting accessories supplied with the Digital Vibration Meter Kit ensure vibration trends remain accurate even if data is taken by multiple technicians. The kit includes a magnet for curved or flat surfaces, probe tip, carrying pouch and all accessories required to connect to any smartphone.