Predictive Maintenance | Digital USB Accelerometer

Vibration Analysis Simplified by Digiducer®

DIGI COSEN ApplicationUse vibration data to monitor machine or machine component health and gain an understanding of current and future maintenance needs, from cleaning to part replacement to overall machine health.

  • Monitor band saw blade health to predict ideal blade replacement timing
  • Perform ongoing vibration monitoring to detect machine faults before they cause catastrophic failure
  • Establish vibration baselines and continuously monitor for alert or alarm thresholds to determine the need for maintenance
  • Monitor train and railway ride quality to assess ride performance and identify safety issues
  • Monitor changes in track infrastructure and vehicle performance over time to provide for proactive maintenance planning
  • Monitoring mining operation vibration with Digiducer to detect blockages in chutes used to transfer material between conveyors; detect partial blockages for quick cleaning before total blockage occurs